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If you don't see your favorite Club listed on KCL - ask them to join!!

Venue Owners - Keep your current customers and "potential" customers updated and informed about your venues entertainment, menus, and special events and happenings.

For a one time post (from submission date to the day after the event) $25 per venue, for your own page(s) as a “Featured Venue” $50 to $250 a month depending on the content you desire – this can include (overview page, event page, menu page and a contact page (add me to your email list), plus weekly email promotions 1500 plus distribution, Facebook and MySpace. Huge audience!! These are all bargain prices compared to advertising in the local magazines that you have to go pick up, and once they are printed "no changes". Kemah City Limits can adjust and modify our ads on demand (no charge). Stay up today and keep your customers informed.

Why advertise online with Kemah City Limits?

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Online local advertising can benefit your business in many ways.

Cost effective: Online advertising is one of the most cost-effective advertising methods available for creating, delivering and executing venue promotional campaigns.

Target: Reach a specific potential customer based on geography, areas of interest and relevant context of the content for the Houston & Galveston metro areas as well as the world.

Search: Restaurant and local entertainment research is one of the biggest online activities

Reach: There are now more Americans online than watching TV.

Measure: Online advertisement is transparent. Reporting and analysis gives comprehensive evidence of return on investment on all promotional activities.

What you can do on Kemah City Limits:

* Targeted online advertising campaigns to a specific customer profile.
* Targeted advertising to specific areas of interest.
* Opt in email marketing
* Receive regular ROI reporting and analysis on all promotional activities, can your current hard copy advertiser provide this data?

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